2023 Golf Instruction


Programs and rates for 2024 will be finalized in late January. Our options will be determined by staff in place.

We do not have indoor simulators for practice or instruction.



PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) is a rehabilitative program designed to introduce golf to Veterans with disabilities in order to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Contact the Gary VET Center for sign up or other information.

INFORMATION SHEET: 2024 Schedule will be posted in January

  • Adult One Hour lesson $70, Series of 3 $180
  • Adult Half Hour lesson $40, Series of 3 $105
  • Junior One Hour lesson $60, Series of 3 $150
  • Junior Half Hour lesson $35, Series of 3 $90

Paul Blockoms

PGA Teaching Professional

A proud student of the game for over 40 years! In 1987 I began my professional golf career at Coghill Country Club in Lemont, Il as an assistant golf professional and instructor. In my many years of experience, I have managed and instructed at public and private golf courses in the Midwest and South Florida. The vast experience I have received training one-on-one, group lessons, and junior summer camps have expanded my knowledge and expertise for coaching adolescents and adults. My passion for teaching the golf swing led me back to instructing on a full-time basis in 2017. I believe fundamentals and working with any physical limitations are at the core of developing a great golf swing. These two things combined with golf course management will lead you to improve your golf game. Career Highlights: PGA South Florida Chapter - Education Chairman, South Florida PGA Section Horton Smith Award, South Florida PGA Chapter Horton Smith Award, U.S. Kids Certified Coach

  • Single Touch-Up Lesson (1 Hour) - $60
  • Single Lesson/TPI Physical Screen (1-1.5 Hour Lesson) - $100
  • Lesson Package/TPI Physical Screen (2-1.5 Hour Lessons) - $180
  • Junior, High School age and younger, 40 minutes - $30



Improving your swing and your game will require a consistent effort, focused in the proper areas. Let’s figure out what “YOUR BEST SWING” is, what your body likes to do, and work at becoming an expert in maintaining and understanding that swing. My teaching objective is to help you understand your swing, help you learn your proper fundamentals and swing keys, provide you with a pathway for improvement, and coach you down that pathway.

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